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Busbys Solicitors of Devon & Cornwall have an expert team, led by John Busby, and assisted by Louise De Rosa to advise you on your personal affairs. We advise on enduring powers of attorney, lasting powers of attorney, equity release schemes, Inheritance Tax and estate planning, long term residential care, probate and letters of administration, deputies, tax planning, trusts, welfare benefits and cash entitlements, Wills and codicils.

Two in every three adults never make a Will. They run the risk of others benefiting from their estates whom they do not wish to benefit. Many of us fail to arrange our affairs in such a way that the least possible tax is paid to the Chancellor. We aim to help you with specialist advice so you pass on the maximum amount possible to those you choose to benefit. We also aim to lesson the burden and worry on you and your finances as you get older and less fit.

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